What are dabs and dab pen?
Dab pens are the most convenient way to vape wax. With the technology that vape pens utilize, dab rigs are no longer a pre-requisite to dab. Wax pens vaporize concentrates like a typical dab rig, but it’s not as harsh on your throat and lungs.

What are dabs?

Dabs, or wax, is a solid cannabis concentrate. There are various types of wax but all of them contain high levels of cannabinoids and are extremely potent. Most dabs contain high levels of THC but there are also many great legal CBD concentrates available.

Wax can vary greatly in texture, but the most popular types are shatter, crumble and budder. Shatter has a hard consistency, crumble is softer and less sticky, and budder is goopy and usually very sticky. The best types of wax for dab pens are shatter and crumble because they are a bit easier to load. Budder still vapes fine but can get messy if you don’t keep it in a cool temperature.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen, or wax pen is a pen-style vaporizer for cannabis concentrates known as wax and dabs. They typically consist of a battery attached to a wax atomizer. The harder hitting ones utilize heating coils whereas others use ceramic coil-less heating systems geared towards flavor. Some of them utilize eGo chargers while others are rechargeable via Micro-USB. Dab pens are more efficient than dry herb atomizers. They also hit much harder and can be stored away in between puffs.

Up to recently, it was necessary to use a blowtorch, a bong and a hot nail to smoke dabs. Today we have dab pens that utilize much more sophisticated technology. Instead of smoking it, these devices allow you to vaporize your dabs anywhere. They are discreet and very easy to use. Many eGo-style wax pens have 510-threaded batteries that are compatible with weed oil pens and CBD oil cartridges which are another great option.

How to vape wax with a dab pen

Learning how to use your wax pen might take some work, but you will get the hang of it with time. Here are some pro tips based on our experience that will get you started in the right direction.

  • Remove the top cap to access the coils.
  • Collect a tiny ball of wax with your dab tool.
  • Carefully load it directly into the heating chamber.
  • Make sure your device is charged and turned on.
  • Briefly pulse the fire button to prime the wax.
  • Hold down the fire button while inhaling and enjoy!

Advantages of dab pens

  • All-in-one devices
  • Compact and portable
  • Produce good flavor
  • Hard-hitting
  • Rechargeable
  • Easier to use than dab rigs

Disadvantages of dab pens

  • Limited battery life
  • Some maintenance required
  • Require new coils periodically


Dab pens have become the most popular way to vape wax and dabs. They are relatively easy to use and don’t require much knowledge. Using a wax pen can take some time getting used to, but eventually you will be dabbing like a pro.

Wax pens allow you to dab anywhere you go and are extremely easy to conceal. Most of them just look like regular vapes. They are convenient and discreet. Even if you own a dab rig, dab pens are a perfect companion to have when you’re on the go. If you’re serious about your dabs, you’ll never leave home without one!

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